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Impactful communication is created via authentic interaction


LIlly’s trainings, consultation and coaching also as a remote service.

Key note speaker

Lilly’s key note presentations create new ideas and empower the audience. Lilly can deliver the presentations live or as a remote presenter.

Examples of popular key note speeches: 

What should we understand about the digital society?

How do I strengthen organizational resiliance and psychological safety in time of crisis?

Consultative trainings

Lilly is a consultative trainer and experienced in providing practical solutions to organizational problems. 

Lilly combines research and academic information with her vast practical experience.

Remote courses and lectures

Tailored training packages of crisis communication, leadership, emotional intelligence in communication and interaction.

Example: Weekly presentation to leadership and line managers of one of the Finland’s biggest city, about crisis and leadership communication and organizational resilience.

Leadership communication

Efficient renewal for each facet of communication, tuning organization’s communication culture and fixing challenges in leadership communication. 

Lilly has wide experience from various types of industries and public sector organizations. Confidential references and recommendations are available by request. 

Media training

Lilly gives personalized coaching for traditional media presentations and social media communication. 

Coaching can also include crisis communication scenarios and simulations.

Korona ja digitaalinen riskiyhteiskunta-kirja

Digital risk society

Lilly’s book about digital risk society analyses how corona and war in Ukraine has changed the world. This crisis is experienced at the same time across the whole world via media, and has made ”digital risk society” visible. At 1980’s Ulrich Beck visioned world evolving towards ”risk society”, where social, political economical and individual risks become uncontrollable by society’s control and security organizations. Hybrid media space creates surprising phenomena and consequences that spread globally. This makes risks difficult to control and predict.

Lilly Korpiola

Lilly is an impressive lecturer, business coach and consultant in live sessions and remotely. She is especially well-known for her ability to combine latest academic research with vast practical experience, and ability to involve everyone. Lilly’s mission is to empower and inspire people to uncover new ideas and find their talent. Lilly has a long experience as a leader, producer, consultant, trainer, academic and author. She has wide international experience and networks to discover new insight, best practices and solutions. 

Lilly breeds lusitano horses and competes in historic riding in national level. You can see Lilly and Guerreiro do Regato at medieval tournament at Turku Castle:

Would you dare to experience a unique day at historic countryside and participate horse-assisted interaction and leadership training? Please contact for further information!

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Korona ja digitaalinen riskiyhteiskunta-kirja
Candidate for Finlandia price in non-fiction 2012


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