Lilly Korpiola

Effective communication and leadership are only created through genuine interaction.

Leadership and Communication

Leadership communication creates clarity and direction in uncertainty.

Key note speaker

Lilly’s inspiring keynote speeches, whether live or online, ignite and empower listeners to new insights.

Geopolitics and Organizational Strategy – Stability in Times of Uncertainty

Navigating Leadership Communication

Agility for Leaders from Artificial Intelligence

The Opportunities of Artificial Intelligence for Communication Organizations

Crisis Communication Intensive Course: Managing Trust and Reputation in Challenging Situations

How do I Strengthen My Organization’s Resilience and Psychological Safety?

Managing the Emotional Climate of an Organization

The Essence of Leadership Communication: What Does It Really Mean?

Consultative Coaching

Lilly’s approach as a coach is consultative, focusing on providing concrete solutions to client challenges.

Her coaching programs combine up-to-date scientific research with years of practical experience in the field.

”Absolutely fantastic trainer: knowledgeable, engaging, straightforward, and captivating!”

Emotional Intelligence and Interaction

Communication always leaves an emotional imprint in interpersonal interactions. What kind of emotional imprint do you leave?

In digital sphere, algorithms amplify emotions. How do I communicate so that the right emotion and tone of voice are preserved in my message?

The ability to recognize and understand people’s emotions and to explain collective emotions underlies both effective leadership communication and everyday interaction with people.

Lilly’s training on emotionally intelligent leadership and  interpersonal communication have received a great deal of praise from participants. The coaching is based on a solid theoretical foundation and Lilly’s Level 1 training in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy.

Leadership, Communication, and Organizational Culture

An effective ’total makeover’, where various aspects of communication and leadership are improved during the project. At the same time, the organization’s communication culture is fine-tuned, and challenges in leadership communication are also addressed.

Over the years, Lilly has carried out numerous development projects and transformations for different companies, public entities, and authorities. Confidential references and recommendations are available upon request.

Media training

Lilly gives personalized coaching for public speaking, leadership communication, media presentations and social media communication. 

Coaching can also include crisis communication scenarios and simulations.

Service Design for Communication

With our methology of service design for communications, we create interesting and effective communication where the starting point is to understand the target group. With it we can genuinely acknowledge the customers view, needs and desires, values, environment, and the communication platforms that reach the customer.

Service design for communication can be used for organization’s internal as well as external communications and influencing campaigns.

Lilly Korpiola

In Lilly’s coaching and training sessions, the latest research knowledge is combined with solid practical experience. Insightful, energetic, joyful and empowering – these words summarize the participants’ experiences.

Lilly has worked as a professional leader, media producer, business development consultant, non-fiction author, and media researcher.

Horse riding and breeding are a lifestyle for her. This summer, Lilly will compete again in the Turku Castle Tournaments: ( and perform with the Equi Victorios group, specialized in historical riding.

Are you looking for a unique occupational well-being day, customized executive coaching in the idyllic countryside of Loviisa, or would you like to participate in leadership coaching with your team (also with horse assistance if desired)? The team includes Anna Minkkinen, the world’s most successful female horseback archer and a skilled physiotherapist.

The ”Stress-Free Riding” courses with riding instructor Kati Henttinen continue next summer. A book on the subject is also in progress, with a preliminary release date in spring 2025.

Valença method clinics continue again this summer, and the English book ”Journey With My Horse” is nearing completion.


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